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My Approach


Counselling/Psychotherapy can give you the freedom to share your experiences with a qualified professional who is trained to listen and not judge you. I can offer a safe and supportive space for you to talk through your experiences in confidence. I aim to create an environment that supports you in making sense of whatever is causing you distress, as I work alongside you to help that become clearer.

It can help you understand and gain insights in how we behave, what our motivations are and how past experiences can affect our current behaviour. Exploring your thoughts and feelings can help you identify the source of your problems, gain empowerment and build the confidence needed to deal with life’s challenges.

For many it can take the form of a new journey of exploration, a positive experience facilitating personal growth with endless possibilities. This work is rewarding and I love watching people develop with new insights and find positive change in their personal lives. I especially enjoy walking alongside my clients as they decide the path they will take as they journey to fulfil their own true potential, which I believe at our deepest level everyone has the desire and capacity to achieve.


Initial consultation

The first meeting provides an opportunity for us to meet face to face. You can find out more about what counselling/psychotherapy involves ask any questions you may have and talk through what ever you would like to bring in your own time. We can look at what sort of therapy will best suit you, and whether you need short term or long term support. You can decide then or after the first session whether or not you would like to attend regularly and if so, a weekly appointment time will be created for you.


What can you expect from a session?

There is no right or wrong way to be in a session, this is your time to use as you wish. Equally there is no set way for therapy to happen. You can use the time to talk or take time for yourself and be silent and reflect during the session, you will be given the space to do so, if this is what you need.  My role is to be with you while you work with whatever you bring to therapy, feel free to work at your own pace. I can help challenge some of the unhelpful feelings and behaviours that may be hindering your growth and encourage you to set new goals.


Whether you choose to contact me through an initial call, email or text I appreciate that this can feel daunting taking the first step. I encourage you to seek help if that is what you feel you want to do and need. When you meet I will endeavour to be kind, compassionate, empathic and understanding during our time together. This is your time and we can go at a pace that suits you.


I currently work with Adults, Couples, Young People/Children and their families, providing Counselling/Psychotherapy on either an open ended or short term basis depending on your individual situation.  For an individual, couple or family appointment you can either call me on 01803 557345/07885 722731 or use the link to enter details on the contact form.




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See what others are saying about their sessions with Mandy Clarke. Feedback given has been used anonymously with kind permission.

"Mandy has been a blessing in our lives."

"She has helped me in many ways with my granddaughter. She has helped me to see and understand so many different aspects of her needs and ideas how to cope and move on in situations."

"Mandy has given her such confidence and taught her how to talk about her feelings and feel good in herself."


Why choose Mandy Clarke?

"She has managed to put many fears to rest, has achieved in helping me to build up my trust, confidence and ability to understand my self and those around me...

generally a new me many thanks!"

Muture student

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